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For a more experiential and immersive world

We create digital environments and experiences based on augmented reality and emerging technologies for museums, tourism venues, brands, retail stores, industrial entities and events.

Based on Storytelling techniques and always starting with a story, we create Digital Environments, develop Applications, produce Content and design Digital Installations tailored to each project.

Since a digital environment needs to be contextualized and integrated into a larger design program, we integrated environment designers and technological, digital content production and space construction experts.

This team has already had the opportunity to create such different and challenging projects- some of which are recognised with awards.

We want to continue to innovate and create new digital environments. We look forward to your challenge!

We have the dream to dematerialize the interfaces and access information anywhere, at anytime.

We create imersive experiences

Based on augmented reality and emerging technologies

Realidade aumentada imersiva
Imersive Augmented Reality
Release the hands and watch a new reality where the digital and the real blend ...

We specialize in developing applications and solutions based on byAR Glasses for immersive augmented reality.
By combining byAR Glasses with other emerging technologies (wearables, beacons, NFCS, etc.), we create solutions to surprise your customers.

With AR you can:
- Differentiate your service
- Enhance the showroom experience
- Create innovative brand and product activations
- Make the visit to a city or museum more immersive
- Revolutionize the shopping experience
- Present architectural designs and three-dimensional shape environments

Add new layers of reality to apps...

We are able to develop your app, integrating technology and augmented reality concepts.
We develop applications for Windows, Android and iOS that will allow access to the digital layer in an innovative way and give life to the physical elements.

With AR Apps you can:
- create gamification actions
- support sales of product or service
- add digital media to physical media (catalogs, magazines, etc.)
- transform the way we see a city or museum
- create new forms of education and training cross-sell

Augmented Digital Signage
Augmented Experiences
New layers of experience and interaction ...

We design and implement new concepts where we combine augmented reality with other technologies and forms of interaction.
We are a team with experience in developing interactive digital signage projects combined with augmented reality. We also have partners who support us in the design of environments and content production. Together we have the ability to design your space and produce amazing content, by integrating technology in a smart way.

With Augmented Experiences you can:
- create activities to engagement the brand
- provide a memorable shopping experience
- add information layers to physical objects
- provide moments of cross-selling
- communicate in an innovative and digital way

Get inspired

Mercado de Escravos

Museu Mercado de Escravos

Casa do Administrador de Ourém



Navarra "The Augmented Aluminium"

À Prova do Tempo

Exposição "À Prova do Tempo"

Quinta da Regaleira

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Suture Plus

Jogo Suture Plus com Hololens


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Mercedes apresenta o Mercedes CLA

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Paragens aumentada

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